Sunday Morning Registration

Why Register for Sundays?

COVID-19 has caused all churches to re-evaluate how we do "business." NVLife highly values corporate worship but we also understand the need to protect people. So, to stay within government suggestions, we are have multiple service options for you. Each service will be under 100 people and will include great music and preaching of the Word. Registration for that service will close when we hit the maximum number.

Click the button (on the right) on which service you would like to join.

The following rules will be required for all attendees:

  1. All staff and volunteers have to be temperature checked or bring a completed self-check form every week.
  2. All staff and volunteers have to wear a face mask unless they are speaking/singing into a microphone.
  3. Services will be no larger than 100 people.
  4. Children will remain in the care of their own families (cry room available).
  5. The sanctuary will be set up with 6 foot spacing.
  6. No physical interaction between staff/volunteers and visitors/congregants.
  7. We have the right to ask anyone to leave who shows symptoms of COVID-19.
  8. All visitors/congregants must wear face masks while on campus. A face mask will be provided if a person does not have one. We will also have a secondary sitting location for people unable to wear a facemask. *Children will not be required to wear a face mask under the age of 4