NVLC World Missions

The Napa Valley Life Church Missions Team guides the church in supporting missionaries who spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to unreached people throughout the world. The Missions Team encourages prayer and financial support for our missionaries and provided faithful stewardship of international Missions.

Featured Missionary


James & Christina have been full-time missionaries in Athens, Greece since 2014. They are affiliated with BBFI (Baptist Bible Fellowship International). They have three children, Amalia, Sofia, & Benjamin.

They attended a one-year Bible program in Greece, accredited through Liberty University, from 2004-05, and attended Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO from 2005-07.

In Athens, they minister to Muslim refugees who are fleeing from the terrorism in countries such as Iran and Afghanistan.

“In the month of August, Greece experienced wild fires throughout the country. A few weeks ago, we had to evacuate our family, pets, and grab whatever documents we could as the fire had reached the mountain near our house. It was definitely an uncertain time for our family for 24hrs till we found out that through everyone’s prayers the Lord put a hand of protection around our home and neighbors. It’s hard to believe that not one leaf was burnt in our yard yet so many homes were burned down. This has given us a huge opportunity to help out in our community. We have met with families that have lost their homes and have absolutely nothing as the new school year begins for their kids. Please pray with us as we reach out to these families and try to help them. Also please pray for Cristina as she has developed a cough from the fire/smoke exposure.”

This August the main skeleton of the Mars Hill Church Building Project was completed. Please pray as they finalize the papers and move on. They are still in need of $75,000-$100,000 to finish the top floors.

Just in the past two months, James has reported these salvations on Facebook:

Sept 2: Praise the Lord, 1 person got saved this week and 1 baptized yesterday!

Sept 5: Praise the Lord, 2 people accepted Jesus today!

Sept 11: 3 Baptized this week, Praise the Lord!!

Sept 18: 2 baptized today, Praise the Lord!

Sept 19: 3 accepted Jesus as their Savior this weekend, Praise the Lord!!

Sept 25: What a wonderful time at the Farsi Ladies Bible Study! Also A Huge Praise 2 people followed the Lord in Baptism this morning!!

Oct 1: Praise the Lord, 1 person accepted Jesus last night!!

Oct 5: Praise the Lord 1 lady accepted Christ as her Savior last night.

Oct 8: 2 people were Baptized today, Praise the Lord!!

Oct 13: Praise the Lord, 1 person accepted Jesus as their Savior!

Napa Valley Life Church began supporting the Sinde’s in March 2014.

Our Missionaries

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Rogers: Jaron & Nicki  |  Nicaragua

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Sinde: James & Christina  |  Greece

Smith: Dan & Rachael  |  Portugal

Spinney: Leighton & Regina  |  Belize

Todd: Mike & Sandy  |  Argentina

Trill: Justin & Becka  |  Thailand

Waters: Lavon & Carolyn  |  Spain

Donovan: J & K  |  Restricted Access Country

For I passed on to you as most important what I also received: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures...
- 1 Cor. 15:3,4