Reaching our Neighbor, Serving our Community

Q: What Is Love Napa?

A: Love Napa is the heart of NVLC, both inside and outside the church. It is our desire to reach our neighbors and serve our community. We want to be a church that loves Napa period.

Q: Why Love Napa?

A: We want to remind ourselves and inform our city that Napa Valley Life Church is here in the community and that we are committed to loving and serving our city. We serve our community by not only proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ but also by showing mercy to those in need, as Jesus calls us to “Go and do the same.” (Luke 10:37).

Q: How will we Love Napa?

A: We love Napa by reaching our neighbors with the gospel and serving our community. We reach our neighbors by being committed to sewing widley the seed of the gospel but especially those we interact with on a daily basis, our co-workers, our neighbors, our friends, and people we meet as we are going about our daily lives. We serve our community by meeting the felt needs of the community. We commit to growing outreach programs we already have in place (Free Food Market, Feeding His Sheep, Expressions of Hope, CarePortal, etc…) and developing new programs to meet the needs of our community (Grief Counseling Groups, Celebrate Recovery, On-site Counseling Center, ect..).

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